Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping and return policies?

 I value my clients and want to ensure I deliver top quality products and services.

 I offer a 14 day money back guarantee on my products.

shipping on all shears purchases is free.


How do you sharpen shears?


What sets me apart from other sharpeners is that 

I utilize Japanese sharpening techniques. I have been trained in the Hamiguri technique. Only a handful in the US have been trained on this technique. Utilizing speed controlled honing machine and Japanese waterstones. Achieves

 I take each shear through a 7 step process.

1. Inspection of blade (check for nics, check tips, bumpers, thangs)

2. Disassembly of shears, check set of shear, and angle

3. Clean shears.

4. Hone blade (ride area) using water stones

5. Convex the blades using honing machine with Micron sand paper.

6. Polish blade with trade secret spray that leaves edges razor sharp.

7. Re-assemble shear, Check shear balance, align tips, lubricate and test cut.



What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card orders on-line. On-site sharpening I accept cash, check, credit card. Mail in of shears check, money order, or call to process credit card payments.


How many shears should a hairstylist carry?

(between 5 to 6)- just  like a mechanic who has different tools depending on the job,or a doctor who uses different medical instruments. Serious Hair stylist will carry a variety of speciality tools to achieve perfect cuts.


  1. Main shear: usually a 5.5 or 6.0 for most of your work

  2. Thinning: vary from 27 to 40 teeth, used for blending and removing lines.

  3. Texturizer: vary from 10 to 24 teeth, used for removing weight and volume.

  4. Longer blades: usually 6"-7" or extreme 8" used for specialize cutting (scissor over comb, deep point cutting, and heavy duty blunt cutting.

  5. Narrow blades: 5" or 5.5" with narrower bladed for detail work.

  6. Backup tool: Always have a backup of your main shear. So 5.5" or 6.0". Never know when you might drop your shear and need a backup. May need a backup when you send your shears off to get sharpened.