Damascus -Japanese Santoku 6.5 inch kitchen knife-Walnut handle

Damascus -Japanese Santoku 6.5 inch kitchen knife-Walnut handle

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This beautifully knife is hand crafted in Seki, Japan.

  • 69 layers Molybdenum and cobalt- DAMASCUS steel
  • SANTOKU 6.5inch - great all around knife (my personal favorite kitchen knife)
  • Walnut Handle 
  • Full tongue metal handle



History of company...established 100 years ago.  Zenroku Toki founded company to make Japanese swords, but after World War II there wasn’t need to make swords anymore. So he focused his attention on making handmade knives and scissors featuring the best Japanese steel.  

WASHOU means Japanese Craftman. This is exactly what you get when you purchase their scissors or kitchen knives. A beautifully crafted piece of art designed with the best Japanese steel. These aren’t made in some assembly line factory. Each piece is cared for by a skilled craftsman with years of experience from beginning to end.