UV Sterilization Box

The best UV sterilization box available. Ideal for salons, homes, or office. 

Effective use to sterilize and sanitize with UV and Aromatherapy.

The sterilizer use bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant light targets to reach difficult areas, eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Whether your Shears, cell phone, earphones, carkeys, facemasks or other small objects.

Easy to use and carry- simple to operate with two buttons, just plug it into the USB port on PC, power bank or USB charger and its ready to start sterilizing.

Compact size makes it great for Home, Salon, or office.

Description: Used to sanitize and clean your face mask, smartphone, earphones, keys, and other small items.

Available Color:


Aromatherapy function: slot in corner allows you to put a few drops of perfume or essential oils to permeate items with smell and bacteria killing oils (when used with peppermint oil, thieves oil)


Only includes USB cable, and not power plug

input voltage: DC5v

UV light power: 2x 1W

Max power: 9W

Item Dimensions:

8.9 in. long x 4.9 in. wide

Inside container area dimensions:

6.81 in. long x 4.05in width


Compatible with most celll phones: Apple iPhone X, XR, XS MAX, IPHONE 11, IPHONE 10, IPHONE 8, PLUS, IPHONE 7 Google pixle, Galaxy Samung models….up to 6.5 inch of space.

limited one year warranty

Shipping info:

14.2 oz

10 inch x 5.5inch x 2.5in heigh

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