Above C10 LEFTY Swivel-ERGO S model

Above C10 LEFTY Swivel-ERGO S model

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Optional: DOUBLE SWIVEL feature for $15

Above shears is inspired and crafted by our highly talented and skilled craftsmen, and it believes in the magic of handcrafting, for each shear turns out with a different edge to fit the hairdresser for a different cutting technique.

Above Shears is made from AG16 (ABOVE GOLD 16) metal, which contains 1.6% cobalt and many other elements to maintain the steel’s hardness and longevity. AG16 is considered a superior scissoring steel used for higher end hair-cutting shears, which translates to better haircutting performance. Furthermore, it has a higher hardness (HRC) that results in a two times higher edge retention rate than the regular Japanese 440C steel.


• Handle: Offset

• Blade: Cutting

• Hair: Dry/Wet

• Craftsmanship: Handcrafted

• Steel: TAKEFU VG10/ZDF AG16 Cobalt (or equivalent)

• Hardness: 60-61

• Tension: Japan NMB or equivalent

• Origin: PRC