What determines the prices on hair shears?

It is important to know what you are paying for, and not to be caught up with a brand just because it sounds cool, or has a cool sounding name. (examples: Hanzo, Icon)

The simple answer is two major things determine the price of hair shears.

1. Steel Quality--Japanese Steel has different ranges of steel...from 440A to ATS-314 steel. ATS-314 steel is the highest quality that most manufactures have in their high end shears. The price range can be from $350 to $700. 440C steel is going to be the most common steel on a lot of the shears I carry. The average price is $270 for Japanese 440C steel coming from Korea workmanship. 

2. Workmanship quality---The craftsmanship behind forging the shears, and sharpening of the shears that come from Japan is going to be superior and more costly than from other countries like Korea, and China

I would highly recommend avoid using any brands that come from Pakistan. 

As a rule...you shouldn't pay more than $400 for shears that have Japanese 440C steel.

So it is interesting to see when I did a little research on a company that has a "cool name", payment plan options. But the prices they ask don't jive with the quality of steel and workmanship......notice my recent dialogue with them from their website help. 

Chat started on 21 Aug 2017, 10:33 PM (GMT+0)
(10:33:23) *** Visitor 55691471 joined the chat ***
(10:33:25) Mr. Hanzo: Hi! Let me know if you need any help!
(10:33:47) Visitor 55691471: Yes i have a question
(10:33:54) *** Sara F. joined the chat ***
(10:34:04) Sara F.: Hello!!! How may I assist you?
(10:34:22) Visitor 55691471: Where do Hanzo shears come from?
(10:34:26) Visitor 55691471: what country?
(10:35:40) Visitor 55691471: I am interested in the Gokai model
(10:36:37) Sara F.: They are forged in Japan with Japanese steel. Handed finished in South Korea before sent to the United states for distribution.
(10:36:49) Sara F.: What is your first and last name??
(10:37:04) Sara F.: I can get you in touch with one of our reps to assist you!!
(10:37:06) Visitor 55691471: what type of steel is the Gokai model
(10:37:48) Sara F.: The Gokai is Japanese steel.
(10:38:12) Visitor 55691471: ok which type of Japanese steel? There are different grades of steel right????
(10:38:23) Visitor 55691471: is it 440C?
(10:38:34) Visitor 55691471: Is it VG1?
(10:38:45) Visitor 55691471: Is it ATS 314?
(10:40:40) Visitor 55691471: any idea?
(10:40:44) *** HanzoShearDoc joined the chat ***
(10:41:07) HanzoShearDoc: The Gokai is a 440 C with molybdenum alloys
(10:42:41) Visitor 55691471: Wow and they are $947 ? Ouch that should be the price for a shear that has ATS 314 steel or better. I think they are way over priced for that type of steel.
(10:43:24) HanzoShearDoc: Well thanks for that at advice, sorry we couldnt help you. Have a great day
(10:45:08) *** Visitor 55691471 has rated the chat Bad ***
(10:45:08) *** Visitor 55691471 has commented: Prices on shears are way over priced for the quality of steel and workmanship coming from Korea. Prices on these shears are reflective of Japanese steel and Japanese workmanship. ***






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